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It was cold that October afternoon, the leaves falling from their once perched homes, with the sun trying to look over the dark gray clouds of a possible fall storm. Mick looked up out of his car window looking for advice. All he got was saddened rain. He waited awhile inside watching the rain beads race each other down his windshield, thinking about the girl he loved and who was so close to his heart. Why had he let her slip away? He unlocked the door, stepped up out of the car and began walking slowly down the miserable street knowing that the rain would hide his tears.

The tears he cried were moments that they shared together laughing and kissing. This he wanted back. Not because the pain he felt was new but that he, and only he, knew it could work between them. Mick carried on walking through the puddles of rain trying to think about how he was going to win back the girl of his dreams. His poor ankles were flooded with tears that sprang from the heavens above and weighed his clothes tight against his skin. The corner of the sidewalk was now upon him, he looked up at the buzzing streetlamp and a finale tear crawled out from his eye. He looked in the direction he came and walked him self home. His door was dark when he arrived home. Again he forgot to leave the outside light on, but fiddled with the key enough to slide it in and open the door. The warm air from the wood stove kissed his face as he stepped inside. Mick, still dripping, took off his shoes and socks and placed them by the furnace and made his way upstairs to the bedroom. Once stripped, clothes hung over the bath rail, he dried himself off and climbed into his cold bed. He closed his eyes and let his dreams drift him to sleep.

Dreams always helped Mick sleep better at night, and sometimes his dreams were of the girl he wanted back. If he could only see himself lying there with that happiest of smiles on his sad and lonely face he would wake up feeling so much better about himself. But he didn’t. With morning almost knocking at his window his smile would disappear and he would wake up to face the day. A coffee settled his tiredness. Saturday mornings were easy for Mick because he would lounge around the house waiting for Sunday, maybe even fetch a few groceries from the local market. He drank his coffee slowly thinking about his farther whom passed away three weeks ago. His sadness was still strong towards his death but he was slowly getting over it. Mick tried to keep himself busy to take his mind off all that were troubling him. He put his coffee mug down slowly with his jaw almost in his lap. He watched the spoon, which he used to stir his coffee, Move across the counter. His jaw came back to its mouth as he slowly sat up to closely look at this occurrence. He picked it up, examined it, and dropped it in the sink. Waiving it off he went upstairs to take a hot shower. This would calm him down.

Ghosts never interested him much so seeing the spoon slide across the kitchen counter was easy for him to dismiss. He never thought it possible that once dead the soul could rise up from the grave and revisit its loved ones. He believed this despite what anyone told him. He never liked church much and never really attended. What was Heaven to him, just a made up story from way back? And Jesus? These things didn’t matter until it was his turn to move on. He always said, “that when I die I’d know for sure”. Death, beyond, and religion he kept inside.

What was love and how could it affect us the way it does? When we’re in love we get butterflies in our stomachs, when we fall out of love we feel sick inside our stomachs. Love was clearly more than a four-letter word. It was most powerful indeed. Mick had those butterflies when he met Lisa. They were strong and he never wanted to let go. Maybe she was too beautiful for him and found himself becoming a little more jealous each day. He wanted to fix this problem so he could love her truly again. It didn’t help that Lisa kept things from him like who she was giggling with when the phone rang. And he knew that with her help things could be the way they used to be. They both have space from each other, maybe that would solve something.

The house in which he called home was big and white with black shutters each side of the windows, and a nice size rose garden for him to relax. From the back the trees let plenty of sunlight in to feed his beautiful flowers. Shade was granted too. The kitchen overlooked the gardens pleasures in hope to attract more friends to come see and smell the fragrances that would surly lift ones spirit. He watched the flowers dance in the calm breeze from the kitchen, remembering that he and Lisa had spent many loving nights alone out there. He became close to letting a tear escape his eyes, but he controlled it. Still he remained there in the kitchen looking out to his romantic memory but watching the sun over battle the white fluffy clouds. This was a place he should not enter for awhile because her presence still lingered beyond the window. He turned away from it and went to the closet to put on his shoes. With his keys he went outside and closed the door behind him. Stepped in his car and started to reverse out the driveway.

The market was only minutes from where he lived so he drove the long way to settle himself again. Driving he enjoyed. He pushed down on the clutch pedal, put the gear into first and pressed the gas with the other. When the revs hit, what he thought was their mark, he again quickly shifted the car into second. Driving fast and changing gears faster than normal was the ultimate thrill to him. Second was maybe the company of a woman. He arrived at the market, at his record time, and parked the car making sure he pulled the emergency brake. Inside he wasn’t quite sure what to look for but he wondered around picking up items that he felt he most needed at home. He walked inside and took the last available cart in sight then proceeded to find the eggs. Breakfasts were his favorite meal. He checked the eggs to make sure that none had been damaged during shipping and placed them in the cart. The isles seemed colder today than others he remembered as he bumped into a bin containing sale items. From behind a voice spoke out for him, “Are you okay?” The voice was familiar to him but still he wasn’t sure. ’It can’t be’, he thought. He turned around to see who spoke those beautiful words. At this time it seemed that silence had fallen over the two of them and time stood well still. “Lisa!” he said voice raised.

She was a slim woman with a perfect figure that resembled that of a supermodel. Her long blond hair bowed to him while just touching her tiny shoulders. Her eyes were of a light hazel brown that welcomed him into her company and that made him melt at the very sight. She stood there poised wearing light blue jeans that flared out at the touch of her high dress shoes turning the left one as if nervous. Her black waistline jacket covered her tight t-shirt that hid her breasts well enough so that all he could see was the two sides of her cleavage. Her body drifted over to him so they could talk within normal speaking tone. She started. “Well isn’t this a nice surprise seeing you again?” Still nervous Mick choked on his words. “Yes it its so nice to see you a again”. He felt his face blush with the red tint of her shirt. “Its’ been what a month and some since we last spoke? So how have you been?” This question he surly had to lie about because he couldn’t tell her that her being away from him had driven him crazy. He couldn’t. “Fine I guess. And you?” His underarms were becoming sweaty from her being so close. “Well I’ve missed our time together but I guess we have to try and get over it.” How could he make her want him the way he wants her? “Yes I have too!” He stopped and let his eyes focus on the floor then somewhere his voice asked the question. “Do you want to go out for a coffee sometime soon?” He was scared at this moment waiting for her to tell him he’d been shot down and that she’d found someone else to go for coffee with. Her mouth gracefully opened with words. “Well if you don’t think it’s too soon then I’d like that very much.” She paused a few seconds. “Here let me give you my number then you can call me anytime”. She handed the piece of paper to him. His hand touched hers when he took the note. He felt the red glow on his face disappear replaced by the biggest smile in six weeks. “Thanks, I’ll call you soon then.” He gave a finale nod from his head and moved the cart around the bin he hit in the first place. He walked away happier, finished shopping and returned to his car. He put the key in the ignition, pushed on the clutch pedal and turned the key. With the car reversing he swung it round so that the back of the car faced the storefront. Pulling away he noticed Lisa coming out in his rearview mirror. She hadn’t seen this car before so she didn’t pay any attention to him leaving. He just smiled and drove off.

Dark clouds over shadowed his car as he was driving home; before he knew it he had turned his wipers on with a full window of rain. A long stretch of highway faced his confidence of keeping this vehicle on the road; the rain had already flooded the dips in the pavement that the large trucks left in the spring. Slowing the cars engine from one hundred and twenty to eighty kilometers per hour and he was still hydroplaning a little too much. Parts of the road were smooth then came to a sudden waterlog. His car, with his driving, was doing quite well on this once dry road but then had a turn for the worse. The cars rear wheels started to spin and slide out towards the passing lane, he brought it back quickly and found himself straight but the front wheels had lost contact with the pavement. The car spun around in a three hundred and sixty degree turn facing and sliding sideways towards the ditch. He gripped the steering wheel tight and closed his eyes. The cars right side caught the shoulder of the road and flipped it up on its side then fell on the roof and slid down the bank to smash the wall. Still on its roof the car and Mick remained there for an hour before someone noticed the car below. He was there for sometime because the rain was so heavy that many traveling it pulled off. Driving the some way as Mick, a mini-van came slowly down the flooded highway with its four way flashers on caring about the two people inside its belly. “I think we should pull over Frank, the road seems like its getting worse.” “Nonsense Marge I’m driving carefully enough to know what to do. “ “I know but.” Frank stopped her sentence. “It’ll be alright I promise.” They carried on driving the barely stable vehicle slowly to control its traction. They’d been on this river like road for about forty-five minutes still being careful and still wondering whether or not to drive the van to the side of the road. Another ten minutes passed and the rain came down even heavier. They decided that waiting the rain out would be best. They sat talking about getting home and feeling comfortable with a cup of hot coffee and tea. Frank took the sleeve of his sweater and rubbed the windshield free of condensation, not being able to see ahead of them parked was bad enough but driving in it was just ridiculous. The rain tapered off to a slight sprinkle and the sun showed its face. Home was now closer. Pulling back on the road to get underway again they found themselves slowing about five minutes up the road. Marge questioned Frank. “What are we doing?” Her face was somewhat puzzled as she waited for his response. “I think I see a car down there ahead of us.” Marge looked closely squinting her eyes to see while Frank slowed to a stop just before Mick’s car went off. Frank got out of the van and ran towards the upside down car shouting ‘Are you okay’, but there was know response. When he arrived at the foot of the door he looked in to see this person lifeless still in his seatbelt. Marge looked on from the road above, after all the bank was probably to steep for her to climb. Frank opened the door and put his left arm under Mick’s head, the other unbuckled his seatbelt. He pressed in the button and Mick fell into Franks arm. He climbed carefully up the steep bank, almost cliffhanging, while Marge opened the side door on the van so Frank could set Mick down without further injuries. He made sure his body seemed comfortable on the rear bench then closed the door to go up front to drive him to hospital.

He drove the van safely but past its normal driving peak. Streetlamps vanished so fast that they looked like streams of light almost guiding them. The hospital was in eyesight now, and hope was on their minds. It was a light faced building with the entrance almost meeting you at your arrival with the word HOSPITAL cleansed with an golden finish, signifying that this was truly a house of healing. Frank rescued Mick from the vans womb and carried him to the front desk. Marge followed. “Can I get a doctor please there has been an accident.” Frank was panicking trying to get this lifeless body some help. The nurse had Frank lay him down on a stretcher that she rolled out from the other room. “Okay thank you, we can look after him now. Go home and get some rest.” The nurse was speaking while pushing Mick down the hall. Frank took another look but all he saw were the double swinging doors that he and the nurse disappeared through. Frank and Marge walked outside and hugged each other. He looked into his wife’s eyes, “I think we saved a life today dear,” she smiled and walked him to the van. They drove away watching the huge building fade in the distance.

The room was white with its blinds closed to keep out the sun. He lay there looking so peaceful as if God was taking to him in his dreams. It must have been beautiful for his face to look so happy. His head was bandaged up above his eyes with the left shoulder wearing stitches. There was nothing in his room but the bed he was in and a small table that accompanied the right side. The floors were waxed so much that you could see yourself in the white and black tiles. The door to his room opened and the nurses’ head peered in to have a check if he had woken. He hadn’t. No one came to visit Mick at the hospital because all his family lived on the other side of the country; his mother moved away and lived alone in a new house after his farther died. He lay there sleeping his dreams away alone.

It was the start of November; the leaves were almost gone off the trees branches, which made the trees look ugly and dead, despite this it was a nice sunny Sunday afternoon. Franks driveway was long and curving like the shape of a candy cane. The house sat to the left with tall trees and bushes surrounding the entire property. The van was parked at the end of the driveway behind the house. Frank was washing the vans painted surface with some of Marge’s dish soap. “Marge can you get me the vacuum so I can clean the inside.” Marge was at the window washing dishes; she left and came back to the back door. “Here it is dear, don’t break it.” He finished washing the outside and let it dry in the breeze. He stepped inside the van picked up some trash that he couldn’t suck up with the vacuum. His hand searching under the drivers seat and found a small piece of paper. He brought it out and opened it. It read: Mick 534-7395 Lisa. Frank got out the van and went to the house to show Marge. “Look it’s a phone number.” Marge took it and read it. Frank went to the phone in the living room. “It must be from that guy we took to the hospital a week ago.” Marge handed the piece of paper to him and spoke while walking away. “Call it and then we’ll found out.” Frank sat back in his chair and looked at the paper and almost burning it with his eyes. He picked up the phone and dialed. “Hello!” A woman’s voice answered. Frank spoke clearly. “Yes, do you know a guy named Mick?” He was hoping that she would say yes so he could find out if he was o.k. Lisa answered. “Yes I do. Is he in any trouble?” “Well he had an accident a week ago.” Lisa interrupted Frank. “A week ago! Is he alright?” “I’m not sure.” Frank felt sick listening to the sad and scared voice on the other end. She spoke with tears running down her face. “How did you get my number?” Frank responded quickly. “It must of fell off him when he was in our van.” Lisa blew her nose and asked what hospital. Frank told her; she hung up, grabbed her keys, and jumped into her car. She sped down the town’s street with tears in her eyes and turned off onto the highway. Ten minutes later she drove her car up to the front entrance, she got out and left it running. An Ambulance driver at the entrance yelled to her, “Hey! You can’t leave it there.” She kept running into the lobby. He shouted again. “Hey Miss.” At the front desk she asked the lady were Mick was. She looked it up and told Lisa but she already saw the computer screen and walked off. The Ambulance driver came inside the lobby and saw Lisa heading to the elevators. “Miss, your car!” Lisa looked at him and spoke in an angry tone. “Park it then.” The doors opened and she went inside. She pushed the floor number and the doors closed. The man got in her car and drove it across the street, shut it off and gave the keys to the front desk. The elevator took forever it seemed but she waited rubbing her hands together and moving her hair. It stopped and the doors opened. She started down the hall and pulled the nearest doctor to ask where Mick was. She ran towards the room as if she was in a race. She stopped, this was it, and the door was upon her. She took a deep breath and turned the handle. The door opened slowly for her but she was soon inside by his bed looking at his sleeping face. “Mick are you okay?” Lisa reached for his hand and sat on the bed waiting for him to answer. He didn’t. She sat there with him holding his hand never letting go while thinking about all the good times they had together. The nurse came in and her thoughts vanished. “Nurse is he okay? What’s wrong with him?” She was on her feet looking aching for good news still holding his hand. The nurse checked on him then spoke to Lisa. “He had a bad bump in the head but he’ll be fine. He’s in deep sleep now but should wake soon.” She fixed the corners on his bed and walked to the door. She stopped and turned around to face the stranger with her patient. “Who are you?” Lisa spoke but didn’t know how to explain. “I’m his ex, eh I mean friend.” The nurse smiled and went out into the hall. Lisa laid down on the edge of the bed. Soon she fell asleep.

Morning broke through the white blinds making the sun even brighter. Her eyes opened and she sat up rubbing them to get them used to the light. She looked at her watch; it read 8:03am. The doctor entered the room. “Hello I’m Doctor Stevens and yes he’ll be fine. Lisa let her words out in her morning voice. “When will he wake doctor?” The doctor held his hands together in a praying manner. “I think very soon. Miss?” She waited to tell him who she was. “Lisa.” She came back with. The doctor told her to go home and freshen up and to come back this afternoon. She agreed and followed him out. They went in different ways then the doctor stopped and shouted to her. She stopped and turned to see him. “Your keys are at front desk.” She nodded and walked to the elevator.

Once home all she could think about was Mick, wondering if he was really okay. She took a shower to ease herself and then went down to the kitchen for breakfast. Her housecoat was warm and soft against her cleansed skin. She placed the bread in the toaster and made herself a drink of orange juice. She put the juice container back in the fridge and took a drink when the toast popped. Lisa jumped back and the juice shot out of the glass and on to the floor with splashes on her housecoat. A sigh came from her lips as she poured another glass of juice and buttered her toast. At the table she ate and wondered if Mick and her would get back together. She was hoping more each day. She finished her breakfast and went upstairs to change, brushed her teeth, and drove back to the hospital.

She entered with less speed but with more worry and found herself at the stairs this time; up she went stair by stair making her way to the top of the floor where she would find his room. Inside, the room was still as quiet as before but she sensed a feeling of well being that hung over his bed. His hand lifted as she placed it between hers and held it tight. The ceiling was a blanket of pure white from what you would expect at a hospital. She looked to it and prayed. “Dear God I know we’ve had our problems and I know that I should have been there for him but I felt lost and didn’t know what to do. I know now that I must comfort him through this time of healing and till we ever part. And I don’t want to so could you please make us happy so we could marry one day and raise a loving family to enjoy and grow old with. I thank you Lord for bringing me to him, please make that happen each day of my life. Amen.” With that she looked down at him, held his hand tighter, and let a stream of tears chase each other down her face. She sat not making a sound but just holding Mick in her hands. A couple of hours were lost to his healing but she was feeling and looking better. She suddenly felt a chill in the room, and she shivered. Looking around the white walls she saw nothing but felt Mick’s hand come to life. Lisa was ecstatic. She spoke to him slowly. “Mick can you hear me? Please can you? I’m right here with you Mick, I won’t let you go.” She waited for him to open his eyes but knew that it might be too early or it was just a nerve reaction. Waiting patiently her hopes and dreams came true together. She pressed the intercom button. “Nurse! Doctor! He’s awake.” The doctor, accompanied by the nurse, came into the room to see how he was doing. Mick opened his eyes and looked around at this strange place were they had him. He spoke. “Where am I?” The doctor told him where he was and about the accident but Mick interrupted him as he saw Lisa. His words sounded healthy and surprised. “Lisa it’s you.” He sat up for the first time and pulled her towards him hugging her and not letting go. The doctor and the nurse left the room with smiles on their faces.

It was a couple of hours before the doctors would let Mick leave to go home under Lisa’s care but soon granted she helped him get dressed and wash up, then they headed down the hall towards the elevator. At the front doors she helped him into her car, buckled his seat belt and closed the door. She sat beside him holding his hand as they drove down the driveway and out to the road. Mick looked at Lisa and held her hand tighter. “It’s good to have you beside me.”


The next morning was colder than the rest of the season; but Mick lay in bed in warmth and comfort. He noticed that the bed he slept on was not his own. Lisa came up the stairs and walked in wearing a bra and panties under her open house coat. “You’re awake Mick. How do you feel this morning?” He looked at her soft and sexy legs and found himself lost for words. She got up and walked out the room. “Stay there Mick I’ve made you a nice hot cup of coffee and some toast and eggs.” She came back with a tray that she put on his lap in front of him. “Thank you Lisa.” He tried not to notice her uncovered skin inviting him to have a touch. She spoke to him softly. “When you eat that if you feel better you can have a nice bath.” She went downstairs to do some cleaning while Mick enjoyed his company. Maybe this time they could spend some real time together becoming more than just friends again. Mick wasn’t a big man with all the exaggerated muscles of some big brawn, small brain love hero that one would find in many books or movies. He was real. With eyes of a brown mist and a voice soft and romantic he was surly a woman’s dream. He once lived inside a small town in England but latter moved away to find himself a life out of roughness; his home now suited that. He wanted to live in the way of life like that of James Bond in becoming wanted by all the women and having the thrill of destroying everything he could. It was a good dream, he thought as he finished the first class breakfast that Lisa had prepared for him. He got up and made his way downstairs.

Lisa’s house was a little smaller than his but it was cozy to her needs. The stairs that led from the bedroom stopped at the foot of the front door. A small entrance held the guest’s shoes and jackets until they were ready to leave. He walked into it and followed the steam of hazy sunlight that had dust particles in its grasp and ended up facing the kitchen where Lisa was. A large window above the double sink was the room’s life as it entertained the warmth of the sun and the love of Lisa’s flowers. The pots and pans hung above the large oak table in the center of the room resting on ceramic tiles that were finished with pale pink and separated by the white grout. Lisa was at the stove cleaning the mess from breakfast. Mick spoke to her in an unsure voice. “Are you okay with me staying here with you? I mean I could go to my house.” He finished and sat himself down at the kitchen table. “No I don’t mind you here, in fact I much like the company. We can go to check on things at your house and pick up some clean clothes too.” Mick felt so wanted that he smiled aloud. “Mick why are you smiling?” She said laughing. Mick just shook his head at her eyes that waited for him to speak. She asked him again. “Well?” They both remained inside the arms of the kitchen almost holding them there until they fell in love again. Mick opened his mouth and the words slipped out. “I love you.” At that moment the world didn’t exist around them; it was just them and the kitchen to listen to their words.

Lisa stepped back and took a deep breath. She didn’t know what to say; she just let the silence of the room speak for her. Lisa felt alive and refreshed but at the same time a little scared due to not knowing if it was to soon to fall in love again.

Across from her was Mick, feeling somewhat embarrassed, who was beginning to feel uncomfortable. Lisa felt it was her turn to reply. “Mick I have feelings for you to but lets be good friends and see what it’ll bring.” With that Mick felt assured that this relationship would indeed work out in the end. He rose from the table to make his way up stairs. “If that’s what you feel is best for us then I’m for it. I’ll go and get dressed so we can go and get my stuff.”