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Time Stop:
The moment you get this spell, the difficulty of the game will spiral down like nobody's business. It is best used in conjunction with the Robe of Vecna and the Amulet of Power since they will bring down the casting time of Time Stop to 4. Most enemy spellcasters use their first round to cast defensive spells which means you can cast Time Stop first and eliminate them.

A little known fact about Time Stop is that all physical attacks done by the caster during the Time Stop are considered as automatic hits, meaning that the caster will not miss. This is good when you have Melf's Minute Meteors or are a Mind Flayer( from the Shapechange spell).

Chain Contingency:
This spell enables you to store 3 spells ranging from spell level 1-8, to be casted when a condition has been met. This has 0 casting time and can be casted at any time. Popular combinations include storing 3 Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wiltings set to be casted on the nearest enemy when an enemy is sighted.

This spell enables the caster to forgo the need for rest as one of the options available is to Rest&Rememorise. The caster will need 18 WIS to have a decent chance of getting this option though, and several castings may be required. This is particularly useful for the last battle in ToB.

This spell enables you to utilise the trick of Time Stop + Shapechange:Mind Flayer. Enemies may be tough, but rare few can resist INT-Drain attacks. Very good for opponents that wear Imoen's Belt. You can also make your Project Image illusion become an Iron Golem and beat up your enemies as Shapechange enables them to attack.
Other Spells To Consider
Black Blade of Disaster:
This spell is better suited to Fighter/Mages and their ilk as they have better THACO and more attacks per round. As a Sorcerer, you will want to concentrate on maximising your spellcasting power, and if you still want to melee anyway, the Shapechange spell will be better.

The only time you will want to use Freedom is when somebody gets Imprisoned. Best to just carry some scrolls along and not waste a spell slot on it.

Trust me, by the time you can cast this, you are already more terrifying than a puny Pit Fiend.

This is a very powerful spell, but too powerful. ;) You will want to keep/sell the loot of your powerful enemies, while those that are not powerful do not warrant the use of this spell. It is fun to have though, since you will be able to inflict the same pain that the enemies inflicted upon you.

Despite its' impressive spell description, Ruby Ray of Reversal is all you really need. So we save one precious spell slot to be used on another spell.

Staff of Magi +5 has it and its' version is much better.

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