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Spell Trigger
This is a pretty nifty spell. It enables you to store 3 spells that are of level 6 or below. It has no casting time and can be fired off instantaneously. Spell Trigger does count as a spell though, and it will consume one round unless you have Improved Alacrity active. Popular combos to put in a Spell Trigger include the following,

  1. 3 Lower Resistances
  2. 3 Chain Lightnings
  3. Protection from Magical Weapons + True Sight + Spell Immunity
  4. 3 Animate Dead
  5. etc... ...

Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting
This spell deals Magic Damage, which very few enemies are immuned to. At 1d8 damage per caster level, a maxed-level Sorcerer can deal 20-160 party-friendly area-of-effect damage per cast of this spell. Use in conjunction with Chain Contingency or Improved Alacrity to really dish out the pain.

Protection from Energy
Granting +75% resistance to all elements including Magic Damage, you can easily attain immunity or near-immunity by mixing this spell with other equipment. Very useful in fights where elemental damage is expected. Note that you will heal from an element if you attain more than 100% resistance to it.

Pierce Shield
The main purpose of this spell is to lower the Magic Resistance of enemies who are immuned to Lower Resistance. Feel free to use it for dispelling a target's spell protection, although Ruby Ray of Reversal will do just as good a job and faster too.
Other Spells To Consider
Project Image is a better choice and most enemies will not live through one Project Image for you to use a Simulacrum.

Symbol Stun
Not really summon-friendly.

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