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Level 4 Spells


You know what... you tell me why a Sorcerer should not have Stoneskin.


Nothing like all your enemies lying motionless on the ground for you to torment at your leisure. Combined with Greater Malison, you can still use this spell effectively in ToB.

Greater Malison:

Lowering a group of targets' saving throws by 4, this spell helps to maximise the potential of your spells.

Spider Spawn:

This is an effective summon when combined with Web.

Wizard Eye:

This will help guide your Project Image illusion, and your summons as well.

Other Spells To Consider

Minor Spell Sequencer:

This is a good spell, but it had to give way to Wizard Eye.

Ice Storm:

Pitiful damage.

Polymorph Other:

This is actually a good spell, but higher level enemies tend to have outrageous saving throws against Polymorph. Great in SoA, but tends to be ignored in ToB.

Polymorph Self:

If I wanted to change into a Mustard Jelly, I will use the Cloak of Sewers.

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