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How to Mend A Broken Heart with Vengeance
Leigh Stein
dancing girl press, 2008
$7.00 (includes S&H)


There are better ways to break a heart than Facebook,
such as abandoning your pregnant girlfriend at Walmart
like that guy did to Natalie Portman. If you read this book
sequentially, bad things may happen to you, but only as bad
as the things that would have happened to you anyway.
If, however, you do not read this book sequentially you may
find that you are suddenly aboard a sunken pirate ship,
staring into the deep abyss, and wishing you had chosen
not to chase the manatee in your submarine after all. Do not
panic. If you end up in the wrong adventure just go back
three spaces and draw another card. Or go back to bed.
Or read up on the side effects of the medication taken
by your loved ones. The great R. A. Montgomery once wrote,
"Suddenly you're surrounded by eleven Nodoors," and I
guess what I'm trying to do here is ruin any hope
you may have had of coming out of this alive.