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2009 Subscription

Get every single thing we publish next calendar year delivered to your doorstep quarterly for


(Note: We're a bit behind schedule, so the the first batch of releases will ship in early June instead of April....)

Your subscription includes:

Apocrypha / Susan Slaviero
Squint / Kristen Orser
The Nested Object / Dawn Lonsinger
Choral Mimeographs / Stephanie Anderson
This Admirable Miry Clay / Talia Reed
Amelia Earhart: Fragments Found in a 1937 Aviator’s Boot / Kate Durbin
Outgrowth / Jen Blair
Sawdust, Sugarcube / Sarah Den Boer
Blue Grotto / Rachel Webster
The Mae West Defense / Julie Strand
The Calculus of Owls / Sarah Gardner
Raid Your Own / Brooklyn Copeland
Silt / Erica Wright
Lost Colony / Jacqueline Lyons
We Sing You, Jimmy Sky / Deirdre Dore
The Chainsaw Bears / Erin Elizabeth Smith
Elpenor Falls / Elizabeth Barbato
Land Wide Enough to Get a Hold Lost In / Shelly Taylor
TBA (by Erika Mikkalo)
Flood Year / Sara Tracey
Picking Cherries in the Española Valley / Leah Browning
The Plath Poems / Nava Fader
The Classic Game of Murder / Katie Capello
My Imaginary / Laura Madeline Wiseman
This Room Has a Ghost / Stephanie Goehring
Amplexus / Melinda Wilson
People who Are in Love Will Read this Book Differently / Cindy St John
Lucy Design in the Papal Flea / Renee Angle
View from My Banilla Vanilla Villa / Eva Schlesinger
Dear Darkest Sky: Postcards / Jessica Bozek

special edition projects TBA

Plus other various goodies, possible broadsides, and our endless adoration...