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Kristen Orser
dancing girl press, 2009
$7.00 (includes S&H)

Kristen Orser is the author of Winter, Another Wall (blossombones, 2008); Fall Awake (Taiga Press, 2008); and E AT I, illustrated by James Thomas Stevens (Wyrd Tree Press, 2009

Dear smallest memory I can barely remember,

(i am happy you are happy.) do you think the tomatoes will bear fruit after julian smoked next to them? do you think the pepper plant will just keep getting taller? the sage is doing well and if you come over i can make something of it. (i am really thrilled you are thrilled.)

i slept for twelve hours. and when i woke up it was a new day that felt like the same day that felt nothing like the day i was expecting. don't be afraid that i'm not sleeping or eating. it's easy enough to pretend wakefulness and i pinch my cheeks. when nobody is looking, i pinch hard enough to bruise.

(i might say miss you when i am saying how good the fresh corn is this time of year.) have you seen the flower i put in the lightbulb and how all the moths think it is something divine? have you seen the child i never had, the one that fell off the second story porch in the storm yesterday? he had, in his mouth, the whole day we spend lying in bed.