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Short Stones
Amanda Ackerman
dancing girl press, 2012

Amanda Ackerman is the author of three other chapbooks: Sin is to Celebration (co-author, House Press), The Seasons Cemented (Hex Presse), and I Fell in Love with a Monster Truck (Insert Press).She is co-publisher and co-editor of the press eohippus labs. She also writes collaboratively as part of the projects SAM OR SAMANTHA YAMS and U.N.F.O. (The Unauthorized Narrative Freedom Organization), whose collaborative audio text project Explanation as Composition was recently featured at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions.

from Short Stones:

It is said that the world would forget and then
remember. A black tarantula is the same as a
black spider and is not – One day this would be
remembered. We are saying: Gather ourselves so
that we may all speak as one. We are not children.
This is not a children’s story.