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Edward Smallfield & Miriam Pirone
dancing girl press, 2008
$7.00 (includes S&H)

Edward Smallfield's poems have appeared in alice blue, Bird Dog, dusie, Five Fingers Review, 26, and a number of other venues. He's also the author of two poetry collections, The Pleasures of C and One Hundred Famous Views of Edo (a collaboration with Doug MacPherson).

Miriam Pirone is the poetry editor of Big Ugly Review and her worked has appeared in alice blue.

from locate


la boca    he calls her at ten
she finds it: the cake box tied in red & white string

at eleven on the bus through the main vein of the city
or is it an artery? inside the box

each checked tablecloth is waterproof wipe clean after diners leave
in a metal drawer stenciled with holes

she didnít ask whatís inside
how many sheets of foil are left

if he tells her what will happen next she already knows
the kitchen at close mopped with dirty water

on a train under the city
between two languages