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Floor Baby
Ally Harris
dancing girl press, 2011

Ally Harris' poems have appeared in 751, DIAGRAM, elimae, LIT, NO÷ Journal, Sixth Finch, Poor Claudia, and WE ARE CHAMPION. She holds an MFA from the Iowa Writers Workshop and lives in Portland, OR.


I told you I am a lazy masturbator
I fall asleep in the tub
I have cracked open
The tree a river of numbers
To make sense of my
Own resistance, mathematics
For the proficiency of life
In the history of a face
a certain typography
A letter is sexual
right in the agony
of a face a letter
is sexual. A girl
named Bunny Bonnie Bootsie, agony. The sky
agony, a ride
in the back of a pickup truck
with Manolo from the first floor,
a first for the backwoods
of the self with Sarah
in the bushes puking
Sarah, Iím sorry, thanks
for the well wishes
thanks with your head in the flowers