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fall chapbook sale

Get 5 of our chapbooks for a mere $20.

**let me know which chaps you would like via email (dancinggirl press (at) yahoo or in the paypal notes.

available titles

Sawdust, Sugarcube , Sarah J. Den Boer The Choral Mimeographs, Stephanie Anderson
The Blue Grotto, Rachel Webster
The Nested Object, Dawn Lonsinger
Squint, Kristen Orser
The Mae West Defense, Julie Strand
This Admirable Miry Clay, Talia Reed
Fragments Found in a 1937 Aviators Boot, Kate Durbin
Apocrypha, Susan Slaviero
The Sad Epistles, Emma Bolden
Cabinet, Claire Hero
The Match Array, Heather Green
Wiving, Anne Heide
Locate, Edward smallfield and Miriam Pirone
The Fire-Wife, Melissa Culbertson
Divided highway, Kim Young
Elsewhere & Wise, Kristi Maxwell
Lit, Danielle Vogel
The Residents, Kim Gek Lin Short
The History of a Lake Never Drowns, Julia Cohen
How to Mend A Broken Heart with Vengeance, Leigh Stein
Deep in the Safe House: Ten Poems after Henry Darger, Maggie Ginestra
Mock Martyrs / Abound, Julia Drescher
Brute Fact, Melissa Severin
The Partial Autobiography of Jane Doe, Daniela Olszewska
Recovering the Body, Nicole Cartwright Denison
Bee Spit, Kristy Odelius
Kitchen Witch, Theresa Boyar
Alphabet for M, Jesse Nissim
Orange Girl, Simone Muench
Alluvium, Erin Bertram
No Isla Encanta, Khadijah Queen
Sugaring, Ann Cefola
See Also Electric Light, Jen Tynes
Two Kinds of Arson, Brandi Homan
Parapherna, Donora Hillard
The Traffic in Women, Kristina Marie Darling
Vestigial Portions of the Dead Sea Scrolls, Robyn Art
How to Study Birds, Sarah Gardner
The Animal Husband, Christine Hamm
The Terrible Baby, Rebecca Cook