wicked alice| fall 2011

A.E. Loveridge
After Rexroth, the Poet Pretends She is Chinese

Sarah Neal
Fourteen: You Did it Yourself
What on Earth: The Shortest Autobigraphy
She found brokens

Noel Sloboda
All-American Girl

Jessica Rainey & Edward Smallfield
Lola's Reading
Dime: 2
Mado's Reading
Dime: 4
Miss Quote's Reading

Sharon Venezio
Obsession \´┐Żb-'se-shən, əb-\
National Geographic
Love Letters

Valerie Loveland
I'm After Whatever the Other Life Brings
I Purchased Judy's Entire Wardrobe at Her Estate Sale
Stolen Stethoscope

Jessica Young
Little Red Riding Hood
The Sister
Fib Sequence
Mary and Math
My Mother
a jabberwocky translation

Leah Stetson
The Hyena Diet
The Ogre and the Bad Girl
The Peony and the Rose

10th Anniversary Issue