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Chrysanthemum Oratorio
Grace Marie Grafton
dancing girl press, 2010

Grace Marie Grafton's first chapbook won the Poetic Matrix contest. Her book of ekphrastic poems, Visiting Sisters, was published by Coracle Books. Her most recent book, Other Clues, prose poems, was published in 2010 by Latitude Press (rawartpress.com). She has worked for many years with CA Poets In The Schools, teaching young students to write poems, and has received numerous grants from the CA Arts Council for her teaching programs.


Help is the heavenly roar,
rock on the beach I
aim for with my
archery of harmony.

I havenít the ability to allow
my ornery to raise
the bat and Bam! over the barrier!
Hot, Baby!

So, root deeper. Admit the rare
oboe evening in which
my reward is to ruminate
in that skinny wailing

over the blessed rot
that minutely annotates
the ricochet of blossom to blight.
Repetition is the organ of the world.