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The Partial Autobiography of Jane Doe
Daniel Olszewska
dancing girl press, 2008
$7.00 (includes S&H)
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About the Author:

Daniela Olszewska holds a BA in Poetry from Columbia College Chicago. Her poetry-related activities include serving on the Editorial Board of Columbia Poetry Review and acting as Editorial Assistant/Intern Coordinator for Switchback Books.

Introducing: Jane Doe

I was born in a concrete patch.
I was born with a complex system
of bicycle parts breathing me in
and then out and then in again.

I am the thing with the shiny yellow
saxophone voice. I am the girl
who cubed pomegranate juice;
the girl with a J-shaped pseudonym.

I drink from a zodiac-lidded jug.
My pockets full of special bugs,
my female-shaped hand bones
clutching a note written in red-
orange crayon: Do you like me?
Circle: YES NO