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This Admirable Miry Clay
Talia Reed
dancing girl press, 2009
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Talia Reed is a public school teacher in rural Indiana . Her poems have appeared in several literary magazines including Main Street Rag, Wicked Alice , Tipton Poetry Journal, Switchback, Moria, and Arsenic Lobster. She has written book reviews for both MiPOesias Magazine and Rain Taxi: Review of Books, and columns for the art and poetry magazine O & S. This summer she will be a participant in the Favorite Poem Project Summer Institute for Educators at Boston University . She currently blogs at http://thisadmirablemiryclay.blogspot.com/.

from This Admirable Miry Clay


as birds are often crushed
so we swallow the
lemon, tomato, the orphan.

intuit disaster.

hard water pounding stainless steel.
Washington Monument strikes through a cloud.

My Indiana crumbles down.

the lightning flashes so silent;
that frozen moment where
Sudden meets Unknown;
where sprouted my own fear;
what crash, what jarring, what
piles left over.

sensation of emptiness.