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About birds
Stacy Kidd
dancing girl press, 2011

About Birds Stacy Kidd is completing a PhD in English at the University of Utah. Her poems have appeared in Boston Review, Columbia, Eleven Eleven, The Iowa Review and WITNESS, among others. She is founder and editor of the new online journal intersection(s), which launches this winter and is found here: intersectionsjournal.org.

About Birds

This is our little lie,
little pigeon, why we wink
for copper or stop
near water to fill our arms

with wildflowers—
we’re struck again. All feathers,

bother the sky. A little

girl, she’s cough & cough. She tilts
her head & pitches
a few crumbs out the window, bird,
bird. Her room

is growing again. A body,
it grows into another
body, but not like the dream

of kissing. The first time

we peel an apple
in one legendary strip—

toss, toss our hair & gorge on cider.