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Catherine Wheeler-Mushlin is a displaced native Californian currently living in the backwoods of Kentucky. A busy stay-at-home mom, she aspires to someday becoming a doctor, writer, artist, and modern dancer. In her spare time she enjoys reading "fluff" and doing endless loads of laundry.

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Masterpiece Babies 2005

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Catherine Wheeler-Mushlin's Home Page

The light of the day is shortening. Fall is surely close at hand. Children bedecked in school clothes will cast aside their newish garments for skins of fantastic creatures and adored characters. Traditionally a time of fading, I see this time of year as a state of rebirth - the phoenix burning only to be born again flashing in the trees. Our family is anticipating a rebirth of sorts: We are relocating to Portland, Maine at month's end. Moving to Maine is a homecoming for my wandering spirit and I intend to never again call another state home. May blessings follow us all.


Please feel free to navigate the other pages in this site. Masterpiece Babies contains recent pictures of the kids. Masterpiece Babies 2005 and Masterpiece Babies 2006are pictures of the babies from 2005 and 2006. Family News contains summaries of important events in our lives, ie milestones reached, goals achieved, etc. Californian In Kentucky - My Blog
Check out topics such as Toddler Woes, Husband Hijinx, and Updates! .

Furry Babies is a page dedicated to our pets. I hope you enjoy seeing and learning about our other babies!

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Masterpiece Babies - Photos of the Babies
Family News
Californian In Kentucky - My Blog

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