~From the East~

Greetings from the East Brethren,

This months meeting, our meeting will be a busy meeting.  Not only do we have our Annual Meeting, but our installation will be the official work of the evening for the District Deputy Grand Master R.W. Douglass Gordan Massey’s Official Visit.  Thank special thank you to Wor. Adam Mitchell for being the installing master for this evening.  Also, a thank you to all the officers who have accepted their appointment to the 2022-2023 line of officers. 

October 15th will be the Massachusetts Masonic Open House.  If you know someone, with Masonry in their hearts, bring them to the open house.

Looking ahead, on December 10th we will be the annual Gift Card Drive. The night’s entertainment will be a mix of classic rock and Christmas tunes.  This event is open to the public and supports a great cause of providing gift cards to homeless teens.  We will have another great meal provided by Bro. Louis.  Please reserve this date early so we can fill the room.

Thank you to everyone who does so much for the Lodge behind the scenes. From Mainspring to the VA your hard work is appreciated.

Let’s make 2022-2023 another good year for your Lodge.

I eagerly look forward to seeing everyone at our next meeting.

Wor. Kevin D. Miller
Worshipful Master
Saint George Lodge


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