Senior Deacon

The Senior Deacon is the fifth officer in the Progressive Line and the highest ranking “junior officer.” His Jewel is the Square and Compass with the Sun in the middle. It is his duty to be the “Captain of the Floorwork,” responsible for instructing the junior officers in how to move around the Lodge Room during the performing of the initiatory degrees. He is also responsible for direction, training and functioning of those junior officers.

Junior Deacon

The Junior Deacon is the fourth junior officer in the Progressive Line. His Jewel is the Square and Compass with the Moon in the middle. He is responsible for the supervision, reception, and preparation of the candidates. He is also responsible for tyling (or securing) the door for closed meetings of the Lodge.

Senior and Junior Stewards

The Stewards take care of the regalia of the Lodge and assist with the preparation of candidates. They are responsible for the preparation and serving of the meals in the Lodge. Their Jewel is the Cornucopia.

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