“Brother, can you spare a ride?”

St. George Lodge has been built by members who came before you who made the commitment to carry on traditions set forth by the men who came before them. These men drove Masonry through the founding of this country, the trying times of our history and the good times.

Some of the men who have contributed most to the recent history of your Lodge would like to take part in the meetings and activities of the Lodge but can’t because they can no longer drive themselves to these events.

The “Brother, Can You Spare A Ride?” program is a one-year commitment to drive these brothers to events they would not otherwise be able to attend. You’ll get the satisfaction of helping a distressed worthy brother.

Drivers will be matched with those in need by geographic location.

If you are interested in making the commitment to offer rides, are in need of a ride, or would like more information, please contact Worshipful Brother Adam Mitchell Here

“A Masonic Leadership Institute Project”

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