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Bring Them Home

My Pages To Honor Our MIA/POW and Vietnam Veterans

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This is a site for all our forgotten Hero's. This site has adopted a MIA/POW. Check out our Adopted MIA/POW page.

This is a poem I wrote for one of our MIA/POW Candlelight Vigils.

Where are our Veterans ?

Where are the Veterans, who went to fight a war,
And never did return, upon American soil?
The many soldiers missing, rumors that still last,
Has America forgotten, these Veterans of our past?

Among the many rumors, scattered here and there,
Are stories of our veterans, left without a care.
We see pictures in the paper, read articles all the time ,
About the many Veterans, America left behind.

It's hard to believe our government, could be so very cruel,
To leave behind Americans, they don't deserve to rule .
If our men were left behind, it just might happen again,
America should question now ,
what happened to these men.

Are they POW's, forgotten in foreign lands,
Throw away's from a country,
who would not lift a hand?
Americans, join together, please raise your voices high,
Investigate the rumors, if true, don't let them die,
As prisoners of war,
Thinking America has forgotten!

Where are these Veterans ?
1997 Kicklighter

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