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The oldest Petroglyphs show the
Angels as striding winged figures.
Huge winged Panthers with feet of
Birdís claws, Horned Serpents with
Wings and Angels transforming into
Great Snakes, Lions or Birds.
The oldest carvings show Angels
Clutching or connecting to Animals,
The later cave paintings show the Angels
With Humans. Both unions resulted in
A magnificent bestiary of fantastic and
Supernatural creatures.

The children became the
Creatures of Myth.
Ancient, fantastic beings that
Stalked the Earth.

Before and After
The Dawn of Man.

Since the First Recordings of Ancient History There Have Been Reports of
Angels and Heavenly Beings.

There are Stories of Angels who
Created Offspring with Animals.

And God said to his Angels, Let the earth bring forth the living creature after his kind: and it was so. And God made the beast of the earth, cattle, and every thing that creepeth: and God and the Angels saw that it was good.

The Fallen Angels, who rebelled against God
And were thrown down to Earth with Satan, saw that the
Animals were beautiful and strong.
When these Angels came unto The Animals,
They bare children to them.
The Angels were never depicted having sex.
They were shown around and above the Animal.
They were usually shown placing an Angelic
Creature or small Animal into the Grown Animal.

The ancient rock carving below depicts an Angel
placing a small deer inside the grown deer. The
Angel and the deer are both flying above a pyramid.

The offspring were creatures of unnatural parts or proportions, usually regarded with terror, possessing immense strength and ferocity. Some of them combined the parts of different animals; such were the Sphinx and Chimaera.

The Chimera was fire-breathing with the head of a lion, body of a goat and tail of a serpent. The Sphinx had the body of a lion with the head of an Angel.
These creatures were of Angels, and all of the terrible qualities of wild beasts were attributed to them, together with Angelic faculties.

The Rock carving on the left depicts
many Angels (left) descending
upon the animals (right).
The cave drawing below shows
"heavenly beings" placing baby
animals into grown animals. Again
they are all above a pyramid

The cave painting above shows an
Angel placing his creations
into the grown animal.

The Cave Painting to the left depicts
3 Angels in a Creation Ritual.
Notice the "human" type figure
Inside the Deer. There were many Drawings such as this, where
Angels placed small animals or Angelic figures into the Animals.

In the cave painting above the Angels stand
and rejoice as the animal gives birth to an
Angelic Creation.

Many strange creatures were created, such as the Centaur and Pegasus. Some were beautiful and magical like the Unicorn.

There are many reports
of the children
Who were created.
They were the
Gods of the Earth,
long before
Men and Women existed.

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