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Satan once sat on the holy mount of God;
And walked among the Planets and Stars.

His heart became proud on account of his beauty,
and he corrupted his wisdom because of his splendor.

Satan was anointed Guardian Cherub. He was one of the Cherubs that
could look upon the glory of God and voice praise and thanksgiving
directly to Him. The Cherubim were one of the highest orders of the Angels
and it was over this class of Angels that Satan was given authority.
The Cherubim were sometims depicted in the shapes of
men, eagles, oxen, lions or a combination of them.
Satan wanted to be God.
"I will exalt my throne above the Angels of God.
He was not happy just being in charge of the cherubim; he wanted
sole authority over all the Angels without submitting himself to God
He wanted to replace God and control all of the Universe.
"I will also sit on the mount of the congregation
On the farthest sides of the North."

He was no longer happy to be a reflector of his Creator,
He wanted to be the originator.
"I will ascend above the heights of the clouds."
Satan was saying he was going to take to himself a greater Glory
than the Glory of God. He wanted total independence.
"I will be like the Most High."
Iniquity was found in him. His heart was lifted up because of his beauty.
Before the fall, Satan was perfect.
"The workmanship of his timbrels and pipes was
Prepared for him on the day he was created."

His name "serpent" means "The shining one."
He is also called the "Angel of Light".
Satan had his Throne on the Earth, and
Also among the other Planets and Stars.
He ruled over many angels and praised the Creator.
He did not want Man to rule over him and so he rebelled against God.
Satan lost the War and was defeated by Michael and His Angels.

And God said to Satan.
Therefore I cast you as a profane thing out of the Mount of God.
I destroyed you, O Guardian Cherub, from the midst of the
Fiery Stones and the Planets
I cast you to the ground.
I brought fire from your midst, it devoured you.
I turned you to ashes upon the Earth."

Satan was destroyed from the midst of the "stones of fire",
The planets, where he had reigned over literal material
kingdoms. Evidence of the civilization on Mars can still be seen.

Satan once ruled a host of planets; his home world
was called Rahab. God destroyed this world;
it became what is now known as
The Asteroid Belt.

The pyramids and face on Mars, as well as clues
found on asteroids tell the story.

The Pyramids on Mars look very much like the Pyramids on Earth.
The Face on Mars (above right)looks like the Sphinx on Earth.
Some believe it is the likeness of the Cherubim Satan.

The Above NASA photo shows Cydonia the destroyed City,
Pyramids and a Sphinx type face.

Civilizations of Angels lived on the planets of our solar system before the creation of Man. These civilizations used the riches of their culture to give glory to God the Creator, as evidenced in the ruins of monumental structures of Cydonia on Mars. Scripture tells us that the leader of the angelic civilizations was the most favored of the cherubim, who later led the rebellion against God, for which the angelic civilizations were punished. These rebel angels were judged by a planetary cataclysm God destroyed planet Rahab, the heart of the angelic civilization. Rahab was the fifth planet out, where the asteroid belt is now located. Mars shows evidence of a great catastrophe on the scale of a planetary neighbor exploding.

Satan was in Eden

The Garden of God

Until then the Fallen Angels had
Worshiped him as the Ruler of Earth.
Every precious stone adorned him:
Ruby, Topaz and Emerald,
. Chrysolite, Onyx and Jasper,
Sapphire, Turquoise and Beryl.
The settings and mountings were made of gold.

God commanded three Angels in succession
Michael, Gabriel and Israfel to bring Him
Seven handfuls of Clay from the Earth,
But the Earth refused, saying:
"No part of mine will be used to form a disobedient sinner."
Finally, the Angel of Death Azrael tore out the clay
because obeying God's command had priority.
Azrael, having descended, brought the Clay gathered
from every quarter of the Earth, and said,
"0 Lord, thou knowest whence I have brought it."

The Angels sing praises as
God Creates Man

God said to his Angels
"Let Us create Man in Our image
We will crown him with Glory
He will rule over All the Earth."

God then molded a man after the Angels image.
He had already created Man's soul in the shape
of a spark, which He blew into His nose.
From there the spark entered his heart, which started to beat,
causing blood to flow through his veins.
When it reached his eyes, he opened them.
When it reached his mouth, he opened it,
praising his maker for the wonderful world he now could see.
When it reached his ears he could hear as

The Angels sang God's praises

The Watchers And Fallen Angels
Create Children With Earth Women

The Watchers were an order of 200 Angels sent to earth
by God to be teachers to humankind during the beginning
of civilization. The Watchers were a high order of Angels
Archangels), known as Grigori,who had helped the
ArchAngels create Paradise.

Two hundred Watchers descended on the summit of Mount Hermon
The word Hermon, translates as 'Curse'.
The Watchers fell from grace when they became
attracted to the women of Earth
Out of fear of God the Angels made a pact
They would all share in the blame for the great sin they were about to commit.
They would take on fleshly bodies and have sexual relations with women. They went on to teach man the Forbidden Sciences
such as Herb Craft,
Astrology, Divination and Sorcery.

In time, each of the 200 took an earthly spouse. These unions produced monsters and Giants of extraordinary size, who quickly devoured the world's food. To satisfy their enormous appetites, the Angel-Children roamed the earth, slaughtering every species of bird, beast, reptile and fish. Finally, the ravenous creatures turned on one another, stripping flesh from the bones of their fellows and slaking their thirst in rivers of blood. As this wave of destruction washed over the earth, the anguished cries of humankind reached four powerful Archangels - Uriel, Raphael, Gabriel, and Michael - who upon orders from God enacted a swift retribution.

First Uriel descended to earth to warn Noah of a coming deluge, advising him to prepare an ark to carry his family and a menagerie of creatures to safety. Raphael then fell upon the leader of the Watchers (called Shemyaza), bound him hand and foot, and thrust him into eternal darkness. Next, Gabriel charged with slaying the dissenters' offspring, encouraged the monstrous Angel-Children to fight one another. Finally, Michael trussed up the remaining Watchers, forced them to witness the deaths of their progeny, and condemned them to eternal torment.
Only then did the heavens open up and wash away the last traces of the destruction that the Fallen Angels had wrought.

"And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on
the face of the earth,and Daughters were born unto them,
That the Fallen Angels and Watchers saw the
Daughters of Men
that they were fair; and took them Wives of all which they chose.
There were Giants in the Earth in those days; and also after that, when the
Angels came in unto the Daughters of Men, and they bare Children unto them,
the same became Mighty Men which Were of Old, Men of Renown."
Men like Zeus and Apollo.

Mankind forgot about God, and no longer glorified Him,
No one was thankful; but became vain in their imaginations.
Their foolish hearts were darkened.
They claimed to be wise, and became fools.
They changed the glory of God into images of their creations.
Made to look like mortal Man, Birds, Animals and Reptiles.
Made to corrupt Man.

God gave them up to uncleanness, sinful desires and
Sexual impurity through the lusts of their own hearts,
To dishonor their bodies with one another.
They changed the truth of God into a lie, and
Worshipped and served Angels more than the Creator.

Most of the world's ancient Texts tell of
Angel-Children who became Kings on the Earth
Hybrid Man-Gods with heads of Animals, reptiles, etc.

The Angels and their supernatural offspring
Provide a factual basis for creatures
Generally considered to be Mythological Gods.

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