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Mandi's Song

"Mandi's Song"

I know she can make it through
Despite what the world puts her through
She'll climb the mountatin, beat the odds
Escape fundamentalists and their "gods"

She is one people don't understand
Because she can survive in a world that's a can
Packed up inside and lacking of air
She can survive despite those who don't care

Sometimes she feels that she just doesn't fit
That the world is all sewn up and already knit
But she fails to realize that she is strong
And she sings, *"La-di-da," and life goes on*

It goes on
It goes on

Like the sea; how it runs

It goes on It goes on

Like the earth around the sun

It goes on. It goes on...

Posted: 12/23/2006

*"La di da, and life goes on" sounds REALLY familiar. Can somebody tell me where it is from?