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Capitalist Love
You walk along down a desserted plane
Figures around you drive you insane
You look up to the clouds and you see her face
You breathe in the air and you taste the disgrace

You've made a large emotional
Investment in her
Perhaps capitalism has gotten to your

Because you've fallen for her too many times
Before you even knew her name

And *you don't remember what your name is*
And you don't remember what you did last night
And you haven't taken to time to ask her name
Before you put your money in the bank

Megan, she told you to be careful with this game
But by the time that she had told you, it had been to late
And now tomorrow is Valentine's Day
And you can't think of the right words to say

You've made a huge investment
Cashing chips in within a week
You didn't get any collateral
Not at all, not at all.

Sure you wish you could live like a Socialist
But guaranteed love just don't exist

And *you don't remember what your name is*
And you haven't taken time to know
Her Name.

You let God be the broker of you bank...

Maybe that will pay off...

Or maybe there are no Soul Mates

Personally, Andy, I know that there are Soul Mates.




Andy Jones

*The phrase, "You don't remember what your name is" was used in a song on an episode of The Amanda Show, although the song was was a joke song that was part of a skit about wedding singers that sing inappropriate songs. That phrase, I believe, was used in their song about old people. Sorry if it's plagiarism if I used it. I don't believe it qualifies, but I figured I would take note of it here just in case.

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