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Poetry(Page 2)

Welcome to page two of my love poems! This is a new feature to the site. Don't forget to sign the guest book before you leave and let me know what you think of the new stuff.


I place my fears on the shelf
As I cut away ties that held me back
Your smile lets me know it's okay to write the words that are unconceilable
Do you see that you're moving me? - A heart that had given up and walked away...which was once damaged and lived unfaithfully from a break in time
I'm locking my past where it belongs, in a simple memory
When your eyes travel deep into my soul
I want to lay down all the walls and revoke all that I had foolishly repressed
I want to be closer to your body
Closer to your soul
I want you beside me
But I need you to be open
I have never been one to make a promise
However, I do keep them
I swear to you all I know how to give
I wonder, do you want this just as much?
If you need this as I do...take my hand
And I'll be here for you
-Amber S. Miller (c)2002

Throw It All Away

You run away from love as if it were suicide
Swallowing your words
Taking life from all your emotion
Thinking all you needed was a lie
God knows I wish you could see what your secrets have come to mean to me
I'd give it all to rewite the wrong
To drop the lines of this sad song
We've walked a million silent miles
Don't wait one more
I've got all the answers to questions you want to ignore
Choose the hard way out
Throw it all away
A peace you won't settle for
One day the cold will subside
Or does your heart live in the shadow of your mind?
Such a disappointing logic your swear upon
You crush the sweetness I've given so easily
But your excpectations remain black as the moonless sky
Just like I feel I would like to forget
You're the one I'll never be able to regret
-Amber S. Miller (c)2002

Then And Now

In the cold reflection of this life,
Memories plague me
Complex answers shine soft and dull
Illustrating the rise and fall of the game
Dead souls and forgotten lies replay themselves as the story unfolds again...
Bleeding of shame
Time that was sworn trembles beneath cold hearts
Searching through the ashes, the beautiful evidence of why I'm here whispers in the fall of gentle rain
And the peaceful sound of your voice
Along with the everlasting comfort that I know in your eyes
I wait for another minute with you, shaken by this hypocritical kingdom
Serenity holds it's place between us and the pain is chased away
And all I can feel is how I never want to leave
-Amber S. Miller (c)2002

Forsaken Expectations

Starring in a black room I can almost smell your skin
You left here long ago to take a trip around the Universe
You claimed to need a little time to get to know this place
Every time I attempt to move I remember just how it felt to lose you
Now you stand before me
I wonder, Can you blame me for not carring anymore?
Your ghost taught me just enough to know you're never here to stay
Another heartbreak then you'll be on you way
I'm not one who lives to reconcile the memories that brought you here
Forgive me if it takes a little time between your words and my next breath
You're telling me I'm now the one
When my best was your worst
There's somewhere I belong
We both knew how the future we'd drawn would crumble just like you will
I won't stay I'm alive without your threats chained to me
Every song, every promise, every caress trickles away with time
Facts fail once again to light the path to a place where I can remain
Distance wins over what we believed in so faithfully
Bitter words sharper than razors are forced only to destroy the thread of hope that hung for us
We'll abort what was never more than a simple fabrication
I'll say Goodbye Yesterday
-Amber S. Miller (c)2002


Alone again again alone
Patiently waiting by the phone
Hoping that you will call me home
The pain inside my love denied
Hopes and dreams swallowed by pride
Everything I need it lies in you
‘Cause I’m broken
I know I need you now
‘Cause deep inside I'm broken
You see the way I live
I know I know your heart is broken
When I turn away
I need to be broken
Take the pain away
I question why you chose to die
When you knew your truth I would deny
You look at me
The tears begin to fall
And all in all faith is blind
But I fail time after time
Daily in my sin I take your life
All the hate deep inside
Slowly covering my eyes
All these things I hide
Away from you again
All this fear holding me
My heart is cold and I believe
Nothing’s gonna change
Until I'm broken
-12 Stones

A Walk In Fear

You force your eyes closed before a mirror
How do you expalin living without breathing?
My compassion is offered; the choice belongs to you
I can feel the color of your soul But I can't hear it in the voice you deny
I've watched you try to spell life without love
I saw you feed your hope to a fire only to long for it with a dense regret
A remedy dwells just beyond giving into your tarnished desire
Now as I look back You seem to be only fantasy
They all question your intentions
But I'm still standing here when they've grown tired
You're the only one that can unravel this heart
Though I'll still wish it away
As you will always paint over the haunting of one thing you can't erase
All your doubt lives in trying again
And I'll still be here when you've lived up to their ideas
Tuck yourself under a commitment that's one-sided
And you'll leave all the risks to the living
-Amber S. Miller (c)2002


in the face of change
is when she turned to me and said,
"i'm not sure anymore..."
and there amidst the waves
and the cloudless skies
that blanket the year before
i watch my life wash ashore
have you ever been a part of something
that you thought would never end?
and then of course it did
have you ever felt the weight inside you
pulling away inside your skin?
and then something had to give
now the lines are drawn
is this feeling gone?
the best parts of this have come and gone
and now that is all this is
with the reasons clear
we'll spend another year
without direction, full of fear
but now things will be different
there's nothing simple when it comes to you and i
always something in this everchanging life
and it probably always will
now that time is getting harder to come by
the same arguments are always on our mind
we've killed this slowly fading light
now something has kept me here too long and
you can't leave me if i'm already gone
make the same mistakes we're always hanging on
break the promises we're always leaning on
all this time spent waking up
now i keep this line open to get this call
from you as you speak the words
that keep me coming back to you now this time
it's all different
now something has kept me here too long and now i'm gone...
-Rise Against

My Heaven

Slowly I awaken from a black night,
Robbed of all it's stars
Lonliness softly surrenders to it's grave
As the words "I love you" abandon the curse it once owned in my soul
But they are now adorned by a veil of grace
Created in the heavens is a love so pure and sweet
Wrapped in the promise of eternity
Within your precious heart,
A dawn of new life is what I've found
Thoughts of never are left far behind me
And broken dreams are resurected
With every loving touch of your hands
Your lips are leading me into a divine solace,
Known only in works of fiction
And I rediscover peace here in my Heaven with you
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Amber S. Miller (c) 2002