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About Me

Thanks for coming to my page.My name is Amber Miller. My work isn't worth publishing or anything but I am proud of it. I love music, writing, and the arts,admiring them that is. The only art I believe I might have any real talent in is writing. I live Eastern TN, not too much that is really exciting around here. For pictures, check out my photo album. Some of my favorite bands/artists are Rob Zombie, Korn, Godsmack, Orgy, Tool, Matchbox 20, Incubus, 12 Stones, Nirvana, Disturbed, Slipknot, Greenday, Staind. . .the list goes on. I am in highschool still. . .but I look forward to getting out as I'm sure many do! I like photography, many people don't know that about me but I love it. You can catch me on aol istant messanger and yahoo messanger under the name of rain1444. Feedback is appreciated. Good or bad. I like to hear people's opinions. Send me an e-mail at This webpage has evolved a lot since I first started it. And over the past year I've gone through a ton of experiences that inspired some new work that you will find on pages 2 and 3(new!) of my poetry. without these experiences I would not be who I am today. My writing has always meant a lot to me but now more than ever it's my outlet, and a place where I've come to find peace.