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And God said,
Let us make man in our image,
after our likeness: and let them
have dominion over all the earth.
So God created man in his own image,
in the image of God created he him...

...Male and Female created He Them.

God blessed them, and
Called their name Adam,
The day they were created.

This was before God created
Eve with Adam's rib.

The Hebrew's wrote that the first woman was Lilith.
Adam cried to God, "Every creature but I have a
proper helpmate." Some say God created Lilith out of
filth and sediment instead of pure dust. And others
say she and Adam were born back to back from the
same dust. Lilith and Adam quarreled consistently,
because she refused to accept Adam "the man" as her
superior. She also disapproved of the posture he
demanded when making love. Lilith said, 'Why must
I lie beneath you when we were made from the same
dust and therefore are equal?'
But Adam, not listening to her, tried to force her
to obey. Lilith, enraged, uttered the 'Ineffable
Name' of God, rose into the air, left Adam and Paradise.
But according to ancient texts,
before leaving, she cohabited with the
Devil and gave birth to the Jinn
(who were able to assume the
forms of men and animals)

It is also said that before leaving,
she slept with Adam and gave birth
to the Shedim or evil spirits.

Her offspring from these unions were
Lilim, demons with human bodies.

Adam complained to God,
"I have been deserted by my helpmate."
So God dispatched three Angels

Sennoi, Sansanui, and Samangluf
to go find Lilith and bring her back.

They found Lilith by the Red Sea,
a region alive with lustful demons
and insisted that she return.

Lilith asked them,

"How can I return to Adam after my stay by the Red Sea?"
The Angels told her that they would drown her in the sea.
Lilith said, "How can I die when God has made me in charge of
all newborn children?" The Angels responded saying,
"For not returning to Adam, God has placed upon you the most incurable
penalty of losing one hundred of your offspring each day".
Outraged over God's punishment, she seeks her revenge by
strangling newborn children while they sleep.

Wildcats shall meet with jackals,
satyrs shall call to each other;
there too Lilith shall repose,
and find a place to rest.
There shall the owl nest
and lay and hatch and
brood in its shadow.
There shall the vultures
also be gathered,
every one with her mate.

Lilith the Seductress

(From the Kabbala)
Lilith is revealed in her role as


Her job in this guise is to sleep with men
(which they experience as sex dreams),
or otherwise collect their semen.
Then she becomes pregnant from them and
bears demonic children.
Lilith may also collect semen even
from the marriage bed. The sage
must be careful to ensure that she
is denied access to the bedroom
through both proper modesty and
the performance of rituals.

I will call the Sirens from the sea,
And ye Lilith from the desert,
And the Dragons from the forests.

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