Jewish Advocate Articles 17 (March 2007 - August 2008)

Here are more of my collected articles written for the Jewish Advocate, from March, 2007 to August, 2008. See prior and subsequent pages for further articles!

Post-50 parties hail memory, lend meaning
This Place is a Desert: Postmodern direction fuels ICA inaugural production
Locals set green example (greening one's home and busness)
Newton Free Library hosts new pictorial of Jewish life
Director Paul Mazursky's Yippee! takes us on Journey to Uman
Workmen's Circle forum discusses anti-Semitism on the Left
Newton-based helping community extends its reach
“The 8” brightens Cambridge club
Terezin survivors recount experiences at Clark panel
Generations After: Helping needy Holocaust survivors
A conversation with Irving Fox, M.D.
Organic options for tasteful simchas
Nazi resisters acknowledged at downtown forum (talk by German Consul Wolfgang Vorwerk)
Healthy Eats for Passover
Women's open mike celebrates 6 years of sharing and empowering
Seders Around the World Celebrate Personal Style
Putting Whole Grain Matzah to the Test
Greening the Home
Barbara YONA Soifer: A light unto Brookline (Focus on Brookline)
Newton’s Rosian Zerner lives a legacy (Focus on Newton)
Tips for efficient vacationing
New book celebrates reconciliation (German Consul Vorwerk and Holocaust community)
Healthy Skin Care: It's a Natural
Never Too Late to Learn: Adult Ed Opportunities