Jewish Advocate Articles 9 (February, March, April and May, 2003)

Here are more of my collected articles written for the Jewish Advocate,from February, March, April and May, 2003. See prior and subsequent pages for further articles!

2/14/03: Survivor Stella Penzer Dances in Prometheus' Apokalypsis
2/14/03: Lisa Housman and Dave Falk Begin Open Mic Series at the All Asia in Cambridge
2/21/03: Peace Activist Marc Goldfinger Hosts Antiwar Poetry Reading at McIntyre & Moore Books in Somerville
2/21/03: Journalist Robin Washington on Rabbi Heschel's Yartzeit/post-MLK talk at B'nai Brith
2/28/03: Jeni Fund Dance Held at Temple Beth Shalom in Needham to Help Fight Lung Cancer in Women
2/28/03: Terezin Chamber Music Foundation Honors Artists who Perished at Terezin Camp
3/07/03: Kalechofsky writes Vegetarian Cookbook for Passover
3/13/03: Shaloh Stoughton Celebrates 100 Classes in Honor of the Rebbe Schneerson's Birthday
3/13/03: Four Women Honored at Women Who Dared Dinner
3/13/03: What I Like About Jew - Sean Altman and Rob Tannenbaum's Comedy Show
3/20/03: Jewish Federation of the North Shore Holds Purim Bash
3/20/03: Brandeis Dance Event Honors Purim, National Women's Day
3/27/03: Doreen Beinart's Human Rights Film Series at the JFK School of Government
3/27/03: Guy Mendilow Performs at the CMAC
4/03/03: JALSA's First Sunday Meeting Features Policy and Budget Experts Reps. Balser, Smizik and Noah Berger
4/03/03: UMass/BGSP Conference to Discuss Alternatives to Violence
4/10/03: Poetry Marathon at Boston Public Library Features Many Local Jews
4/10/03: Barbara Yona Soifer Lives the American Dream Despite Past Tragedies
4/17/03: Ruth Rosenfield Real Estate - A Family Business
4/17/03: Dan Marshall Opens Brookline Community Center for the Arts
4/24/03: Poetry Reading Tuesday at the Holocaust Memorial
4/24/03: Jewish Identity and the Labor Movement Seminar at Hebrew College
5/1/03: 2nd Annual Hadassah Crafts Fair and Benefit
5/1/03: Jewish Book Trade Conference to be held at Brandeis