Jewish Advocate Articles 7 (August-November 2002)

Here are more of my collected articles written for the Jewish Advocate. These are from August, September, October and November, 2002. See prior and subsequent pages for further articles!

8/26/02: Photographer Jenny Nathans' trip to Israel was Picture Perfect
8/26/02: Fred Casson Designs Safety Apparel
9/05/02: Poet Jonathan Roses Opens Newton Free Library Series
9/05/02: Jazz Singer Nadine Chase Plays Sept. 14
9/12/02: Brandeis Sukkah
9/12/02: Yizkor Service for Holocaust Survivors at Brandeis
9/19/02: Ross Gelbspan and the Race To Stop Global Warming
9/19/02: Paradise Interactive Art Installation is co-Produced by the JCC Starr Gallery's Anna Shapiro
9/26/02: Author and Hebrew College Professor Solomon Schimmel Speaks at Newton Free Library
9/26/02: Operation Frontline Helps to Alleviate Hunger
9/26/02: Hershey Felder's George Gershwin Alone Returns to the A.R.T.
10/3/02: Interfaith Conference on the Environment
10/3/02: David Giovacchini Scores The Film The Golem
10/10/02: American Association of Jewish Holocaust Survivors Brunch
10/10/02: Zamir Chorale Leaves for Sacred Music Tour of Italy
10/17/02: Josh Golder's Fitness Program
10/17/02: COEJL Environmental Institute
10/24/02: Dan Zevin Featured at Boston Globe Author Series
10/24/02: Generation After Conducts Visits with Holocaust Survivors
10/31/02: The Speech Improvement Company
11/07/02: Michael Wartofsky and Rachel Peters in New Opera and Musical Theatre Initiative Show at CCAE
11/07/02: Rabbi Bob Gluck Bends and Shapes Notes at Mobius
11/07/02: Unique Simchas of Brookline
11/15/02: Zamir Chorale Visits Israel for Annual Fest