Jewish Advocate Articles 3

Here are more of my collected articles written for the Jewish Advocate. These are from 2001 and early 2002. See subsequent pages for further articles!

A Visit to a Chabad School
Hillary Getz - She Finds Meaning in Art
Janet Feld, Esther Friedman, Licia Sky and Ksenia Mack - Four Voices of Folk
Boston Duck Tours - Steered by Carol Nashe
Alan Nidle - Community and Arts Activist
A Healthier and Lighter Jewish New Year (Food)
Kosher Food Merchants Revamp To Adapt to Changing Times
World's Largest Rosh Hashanah Card
Brookline's Kosher Korner in the Economic Downturn
Ida Faber Spearheads Nov. 8 Newbury Street Charity Event for 9/11 Victims
Cartoonist Herbert Block dead at 91: A Masterful Pen Silenced
Judaic View of Thanksgiving
Harris Gardner - Poetry Scene Maestro
Ken Selcer - Music Industry Luminary, Open Mic M.C.
Nutrition Expert Judy Wurtman
Janos Szasz-Spielberg Collaborator Brings Marat/Sade to A.R.T.
Recreation Programs at the Hebrew Rehabilitation Center
Israeli Independence Day Fest Moved to Esplanade for June 9, 2002
Yom HaShoah Poster Mailed by JCRC for April 7 Service at Faneuil Hall
Interfaith Energy Letter Mailed Feb. 27 to Congress
Marcus Aviksis Opens New Bakery up Harvard St.
Jewish L.A. is a Thriving Scene
Cancer Survivor Margie Levine's Motivational Speeches and Books
Amy Moss' Journey Away from Anti-Anxiety Meds