Jewish Advocate Articles 2

Here are more of my collected articles written for the Jewish Advocate. These are from 2001. See subsequent pages for further articles!

Jewish Heroes/Heroines of the American Revolution
Rabbi Andy Bachman - The Oi of Punk Rock
Peter Beinart - Virtuoso of the Press
The Bevis Frond - Quality Breeds Familiarity
Roll Your Own Blackout - June 21, 2001
James Carroll and Fr. Robert Drinan - Voices of Reason
Two Patients Report Good Results in Judah Folkman's Drug Trials
A Healthier Way to Eat Kosher
New Artificial Heart Implanted in Kentucky's Jewish Hospital
Hebrew Rehab Center's New Recuperative Services Unit
Local Poets Read at Holocaust Memorial, Boston
Jewish Humor Comes of Age
Israeli Independence Day Festival in Brookline, June 10, 2001
Robert Lederman: NYC Street Crusader Takes on Giuliani, Bush-Nazi Connection
Deborah Meier: A Principled Critic of MCAS
Out of the Blue Gallery Struggles for Survival
Local Rabbis Comment on New Reform Platform
The Stone of Scone Theory: UK Monarchs Crowned on Solomon's Pillow?
Synagogues in the Summer Sun: Where to Pray While Away
Report from Bush Inaug. Protest
Jewish Education Today: Is Tikkun Olam Enough?
Michael Jacobson: CSPI's Crusader for Safe and Healthy Eating