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Frank Ogrodowski
Author, Illustrator

Frank is much like his comic self. However, he generally takes things a little bit more seriously. Oh, and he can't fly. But Frank likes to draw, help people, and collect Transformers and Tokusatsu toys. He also likes to eat a lot, but never gains weight, to his annoyance. Also, in Japanese tradition, his blood type is -- we don't know his blood type. HE doesn't know his blood type. Frank is also kind of oblivious to a lot of things, and has always lived under a rock.

Christina Fisher
Editor, Story Consultant, Writer

Christina is Frank's (sometimes) smarter friend. She's an animal lover, a people lover (though she won't admit it) and a lover of the [slightly] spooky. She's stubborn, but she also loves to please in her own way. She believes that everyone has rights, and deserves access to them, and is also a devoted environmentalist.

Colin Hartigan
Story Consultant, Writer

Colin likes weird things. He also like normal things (although defining normal is somewhat subjective). It's just that he likes a lot of weird things, too. He's always got all kinds of crazy ideas running around in his head, like naked little football players, all tackling each other and getting dirty and such. Fortunately, we can use those ideas to inspire comics. Even if most of them are about penises.

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