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Baylor YRE


Looking back at the Hilton.

Suspension Bridge

Ed & Carol with Suspension Bridge.

Alico Building

Waco's Skyscraper

Chamber of Commerce

Construction of new Chamber of Commerce
blocks the sidewalk.

Lake Brazos Riverwalk
Riverwalk is useable again.

Brazos Belle

The riverboat is floating again.

Spirit of the Rivers

This smaller boat gives rides on Lake Brazos.

Lake Brazos Riverwalk

Carol on the riverwalk.

High Water Line

Notice the high water mark
on the black fence.

Lake Brazos Riverwalk

Another view of the Riverwalk.


Watch out for this guy
on Baylor Campus.

Baylor Bear Trail

After crossing Waco Creek, trail
loops back to walk along it.

Speight Street

Ed and Carol walking on Speight St.


Name of this church is
our checkpoint question.

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