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Colorado River Walkers | Email Me | 2007 Pictures

Town Lake YRE Volksmarch

historical marker      

New skyscraper.

Nice fountain as we turn onto the
hike/bike trail along Town Lake.

Wilson District      

Crape Myrtle blooming along the pathway.

New bathroom facility.      


Looking down on the trail from the
pedestrian bridge over the river.

Lamar Street Bridge.



Carol and Ed  descending ramp to trail on North Bank.

Flowers and Century Plant.       


The trail was crowded as always.

Trees that shade the trail.       


Activity out on the lake.

Place to rent canoes, etc.       


Weightloss Bootcamp Activities.

Friendly pigeon.       


Pedestrian Bridge under the freeway.

Activities out on the lake.       


Nice landscaping.

Lots of Turtles.       


Duck and turtle.

Cypress tree.       


Another pedestrian bridge.

Car bridge next to it.       


People trail down to hike/bike path.

Viewing Platform.       


Stairway to platform.

Memorial marker.       


View of trail from platform.

Vines and top of platform.       


Stairs up to the Congress Street Bridge.
Not actual part of trail but we went this
way due to construction.

Bat art that turns with the wind.       

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