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Shreveport YRE

Veteran's Memorial Park.

Walk starts at this park.

Ed and Carol starting out
on hike/bike trail.

Me and the Red River

Metal Roses.

Dancing Waters.

Waterfall with bird statue.

Mosiac tile bus bench.

Courthouse marker.

One of several skyscrapers.

Name of this church is
checkpoint question.

Parish Courthouse.

More mosiac artwork.

Methodist Church.

ARTSPACE window display.

Current display is called
Dia de Los Muertos.

Tribute to Elvis.

Ed and artwork.


Another piece.

Oakwood Cemetery.

Ed, Carol and Elvis.

Municipal Auditorium where
Elvis performed.

Qualifier for College
special program.

Historic Zion Temple.

Strand Theatre.

Restaurant we ate at in
the "Red River District".

Bridge supports hold more mosiac artwork.

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