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Stockyards YRE

Dec. 24, 2005

Ft Worth skyline from the beginning
of the hike/bike trail.

Hike/bike trail is part of the
Trinity River Trail System.

tarantula sign

Carol and Brandy on a bridge
crossing a tributary.

Fish decorate the wall of a water plant.


Crossing the Trinity River.

Courthouse clock tower behind
the new annex building.

Park on Taylor Street.

Chisholm Trail Mural.

Corner of 4th and Houston

Corner 3rd and Houston.


Cajun Restaurant on 3rd Street

Knights of Pythias Hall

Tarrant County Courthouse

Tarrant County Courthouse
from the middle of Main Street.
Note brick street.

Looking down on the Trinity River as
we head back to the hike/bike trail.


Geese near the Trinity River bridge.

Walkway across the river, not
part of the volksmarch route.

Stockyards Station
Back near the start of the walk at Stockyards Station. They were having a miniature trail drive with about a dozen longhorns.

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