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Enchanted Rock

The rock is a huge, pink granite exfoliation dome that rises 425 feet above ground and covers 640 acres. It is the second largest batholith (underground rock formation uncovered by erosion) in the United States.

Carol and Ed
Park Entrance

View of Enchanted Rock from Visitor's Center.

poteet strawberry festival

Surrounding area.


Turkey Peak.


Carol heading down steps.

No loose rock.


Pedestal Rock.


Ferns growning at the base.

poteet strawberries

Trail is getting a litte steeper.

Water holes are common.

More flat boulders.

This is called "The Dike".
It appears to be a different kind of rock.

Larger waterhole with grass.

Dome is not as smooth as it appeared.

Dead tree at the very summit.

View of the other side.

Moss Lake.

Starting down.

Carol took my picture.

People coming up.

A rock peninsula.

Tree growing out of a small crack in the granite.

Looking down at the trail.

Passing the Pedestal.

The loop trail.

Texas Bluebonnets.

Carol and Ed crossing the creek.

Another creek crossing.

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