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Cultural Center YRE

Artwork on bridge underpass.

1st Trinity river waterfall.

tarantula sign

Stockyards Station
Mark Twain reading Huckleberry Finn.


View of the hike/bike trail.

Skyscrapers getting closer.

Duck pond in Trinity Park

Duck crossing sign


Marker said this rock was used
to make the first roads in Ft. Worth.

Farrington Field built in the 1930's

Tarrant County Courthouse

Will Roger's Coliseum.

Will Rogers Statue.


Turtle made from chrome bumper pieces.

Cowgirl Hall of Fame.


Mural on side of Cowgirl Hall of Fame.

Statues in the Botanic Garden.


Waterfall outside visitor's center.

Texas Garden Club entrance.

Stockyards Station
Rose Garden. Marker said that this garden
was a CCC project back in the 1930's.

Birds in the Perennial Garden.

Ed, Carol and some pretty Impatients.


Clock is a checkpoint.

Botanic Garden Entrance.

Stockyards Station
One of two bullfrogs on the way out of the garden.

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