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Aggieland YRE

70 Degrees and Sunshine
as we start off walking.

Kyle Field


Roses blooming in December.

Ed on one of several bridges
that are on the route.

Example of residential area.

Plaque in park named for him.

Guinea Hens running the street.

Another bridge crossing.

Lightpost signs line the street.

Brandy and Carol as we enter A&M campus.

Bonfire statues.

Texas A&M seal.

A&M Centennial Marker.

Approaching the underground walkway.

Going thru the walkway.

Christmas Decorations
at the George Bush Library

Not on the YRE walk route but worth the trouble
of going behind the start location and viewing.

Bonfire Memorial
to the twelve people who died in 1999.

Christopher David Breen
1996 Graduate

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