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StarTrek Voyager Music Video by: TruNeVar

The Year of Hell

18.5 MB

Music : When I'm Gone

By: 3 Doors Down

I never really thought about doing a Star Trek video. I made this one for a friend, using clips from one of their favorites episdoes- Voyager: The Year of Hell. It was hard to pick a song, but I like the one I ended up with. The first version I did had way too many special effects shots. So I re-edited it and added more clips of the crew. You'll notice there are still quite a few special effect shots in the video. But I think it's much better than my first attempt. Enjoy!


Star Trek: Voyager is COPYRIGHT Paramount Pictures . The videos are made for entertainment purposes only. No infringment on Star Trek: Voyager or the music artist was intended. Sometimes it helps to save the vid before watching it.

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