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VIP assists home owners who are seeking to increase current rental activity within the Wayne and Pike Counties in the Poconos of Pennsylvania. Our extensive list of clients who are always seeking to stay at exclusive vacation rentals allows us to provide this very special service.

Our goal is to convert your vacancies to a mere memory by providing constant guests who rent your home. Our service does not offer leads. We provide actual bookings. Stop wasting your money and time on services that don't deliver.

We do all the leg work to get you the customer who is ready to book and at the same time we pride ourselves with keeping each owners identity intact.

We care for our homeowners properties as if they belonged to us. We make careful selection of guests so they meet your requirements. In other words we cater to your rental needs. We can help maximize your cash flow and bring you return on your important investment.

VIP’s services of property referral and management are high quality which backs our known reputation that is unequaled to any other agency around.

We offer the following services:
-Qualified Guest
- Actual Rental Bookings Not Leads
-Contract handling
-Rent Collections
-Online services

Why pick us?
-Family owned
-Vast experience of vacation rental management and vacation rental home ownership in the Poconos
-Timely deposits
-Frequent communication
-We cater to all your needs
-We strive to obtain the best possible Guest (renter), even with short notice.
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