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Colorado River Walkers | Email Me

Town Lake YRE Volksmarch

historical marker      

Waco has cows decorated around town, Austin has guitars.

Nice fountain as we turn onto the
hike/bike trail along Town Lake.

Wilson District      

Due to rains this year the lake is right up to the edge of the path here.

Ed and Carol on the trail.      


Stevie Ray Vaughan Memorial.

Near Lamar street the trail is closed due to flooding. good thing there is a new pedestrian bridge.       


Carol and Ed on the new pedestrian bridge.

Stairs or ramp to trail on North bank.        Summer's Mill

Salado Creek      

One of many turtle sightings.

Trail is flooded here too.       


You don't normally see white water on town lake.

Another guitar as you exit the trail at 7th street.       


Mural on building on Riverside.

Another guitar and you are almost finished with the walk.       

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