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Swiss Avenue Volksmarch
May 13, 2006

Walk Start Volunteers.        Volunteers

historical marker      

Volksmarchers ahead of us on trail reading a historical marker.

Walking southwest we can see the Dallas skyline.              dallas skyline

Wilson District      

Historic home in the Wilson District.

Interesting Building.      


Walkers coming along behind us.

Home on Swiss Avenue.       


Carol and Ed

Interesting brick pattern.        Summer's Mill

Salado Creek      

Oleander's in bloom.

Entrance to historic district.       



Nice home with weeping willow.       


Another home.

Carol waiting to cross street to checkpoint.       


Checkpoint volunteer.

Home on other side of Swiss Ave.       


This one is for sale.

Lining up for the Mother's Day Parade.       


Nice bicycle.

Phyllis and Frank on their way out.       


Vine wrapped tree.

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