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Colorado River Walkers| Email Me

Lockhart Volksmarch


Walkers signing in.

Walk Start Volunteers.



Grapefruit Tree

Inside the Chapel



Thanksgiving Turkey

Nice old home.  


Home with Historical Marker

Methodist Church.



Christmas Decorations

Caldwell's beautiful courthouse.




Another historic home.



Walkers on the way back in.

Walkers coming up behind us.  



Palm tree?

Passing the baseball field.



Another nice old home.

Public Library.



Christmas display on storefront.

Masonic Temple



Another loop past the courthouse and checkpoint.

Another church.



Carol and Ed Headed out to the park.

Walkers entering the park.



Checking out the pecans.

Looking down on the creek with its Elephant Ears.  



Oldest BBQ restaurant.

More walkers signing in
as we arrived at finish.  



Finish table.

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