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LBJ National Park
March 24, 2007

Waiting in line at start.        Summer's Mill

Salado Creek      

The crowd insde.

Getting ready to board the bus.       


Walkers on first bus.

Man in charge of organizing us.       


LBJ Schoolhouse
Time to get off the bus.

Volunteers inside schoolhouse.       


School interior.

We were divided into groups of 25-30.
Group Six is gathering here.


Another group.

I think this is Group Five.       


Another busload coming in.

Carol and I at park entrance.       


We received the signal to move out.

Large group of walkers made an impressive sight.       


Reconstruction of LBJ's Birthplace.

Family cemetery. LBJ is buried here.       


LBJ's grandparent's home.

Group six reading the information board.       


Moving on.

Front walkers, Group Six.       


Low water crossing on the Perdenales River.

The First Texas Whitehouse.       


Water Stop

Luci Johnson came out of the house to greet us.       


She spoke to us at lenght. We were proud to be the first walking tour of the LBJ National Park.

One of several of LBJ's vehicles on display.       


Walkers stretched out along the road.

Show stock has LBJ markings on horn.       

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