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Dallas DART Event
Eight 5K Volksmarches
November 25, 2006

The Dallas Trekkers offered us the opportunity on Friday, Saturday and Sunday to walk our selection of Eight 5K trails. We walked on Saturday and did two of the 5K trails. We did the Dallas Zoo and Union Station locations.

Walk registration near Mockingbird Station.        Volksmarchers

Old Armstrong School      

Waiting on the train platform for our ride.

Lots of walkers waiting for various trains.       


At the zoo we passed the Lamurs first.

African Penquins       


Gorilla in a nice open habitat.

This one was inside an observation area.       


Carol watching the Gorilla.

Ed admiring a bronze Chimpanzee        Chimpanzee



Close up       


Zoo path



The Lion needs a habitat too!

The lion was sorta barking at Carol.       

Old Armstrong School      

Horned Eagle



Trying to reach food outside it's cage.



Tiger has a nice open habitat too.



Black Rhino.

Cheetah        Chimpanzee



This is the second 5K that started at
Union Station. This is Daly Plaza.


The West End Marketplace.

Motorcycle Modern Art       


Passing the Art Museum.

Skyscraper reflections.       

Mobil Plaza      

Christmas Tree with flying red horse.

We detoured. The Cattle drive
wasn't on the walk route.


Coming in from our angle gave us
a good shot of the restaurant.

Christmas decoration near the finish.       

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