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Breckenridge Park
May 12, 2007

Walk Registration        Summer's Mill

Salado Creek      

Carol signing up.

Volunteers at finish table.       


Mark Moon, Texas Wanderers Pres.

Heinz _________,                
Candidate for SW Regional Director.


Walk Start Area

Carol and Ed heading out.  Walk was along
the San Antonio River much of the time.    


Ed, Carol and Pat.

Much of the walk was on
a shady hike/bike trail.  


Shirley and Doris

First checkpoint.       


Human arrow to keep us on
the right track.

Another human arrow.       


Nice walkway.

Trail marker.       


We are no longer in the park.

This is still the San Antonio River.       


An overflow dam on the river.

Checkpoint #2.       


In the residential area a lot of homes had
cactus in bloom.

Huge Crape Myrtle.       


Ducks on the river.

Shot of the overflow dam.       


Ed and Carol waiting for me to catch up.

Carol, me and Darlene.       


Last checkpoint.

Robert and Linda coming behind us
taking down the trail markers.        


Last trail marker.

Nice bridge.       


Looking from the other side of the bridge.

Ducks out for a walk.       


Water Lily and Bridge.

Tree House seen as we were leaving
the walk.  Not on walk route.            

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