This page introduces a new set of wagons built particularly for TC3 by John Whelan

The following introduction and explanation is supplied by John.

The first question asked is why are these items available only for TC3?

Well technically they should run in TRS2004 provided you copy over the dependencies from TC3

The next question is what advantages do they offer?

One challenge when creating is to include features such as wagon numbers, bulk loads, animated doors etc. whilst at the same time to keep the machine impact down. Often this comes down to either finding or writing a script file that is bug free or reliable, efficient and has all the features needed.

As purchased TC3 comes with a Paul Hobbs wagon that changes the exterior texture file, handles unloading with door animations etc. It also uses attachment points and external kuids for the buffers etc. which can be difficult to get the balance right between polys and the visual effect. The script file on a built-in wagon in TC3 generally can be expected to be efficient and thoroughly tested and it is this script file that has been used with Paul's permission

Also it seems much easier to delete unseen faces in Blender (rather than GMAX) so these wagons have been ceated using Blender. The result is a series of wagons that have lower poly counts and lower machine impacts but more features than previous wagons. Look for kuids in the range 86627:2000 3000

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